To keep the attention of someone is a difficult task. You can start a new channel or social media platform and that’s time consuming; or you can call us and add motion graphics to your strategy. Through motion graphics you can diversify your content to keep the attention of your target audience. Just show something different and people will stay with you.

Starting from a small GIF for your Instagram stories, creating a catchy reveal for your logo or even an animated explainer video, we will do it for you.

All of our animations are tailored specially for each client and 100% of the copyright and property of these are guaranteed. We use plug-ins in After Effects as an animation tool if required, but these are not the main foundation of our creation and animation process. We will never use pre-created templates for any of our GIFs, all our animations are 100% created according to the needs of our clients.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

At Mango Design Studio we like to


Our rates start from:

For limited time: 10% discount when a Logo Reveal and GIF pack are purchased together