Creating the Branding and Web Page for a Scuba Dive Company

Mango Design Studio is always up for the challenge of creating brand identities and web pages that truly reflect their clients’ businesses in the best way possible.

Responsive Design

Creating branding for both websites and print materials is one of our core focuses at Mango. Our design team always strives to create beautifully branded pieces that speak to our client’s target market. One of our main focuses when creating marketing collateral is making sure that it has clean, crisp lines that will always look good in any size, whether it be on someone’s computer screen or printed out on their office printer.

How We Created Their Branding

This project was different than most that we do because we were working with an existing brand. Their online presence at that time was very simple, so we really had our work cut out for us. We wanted to make sure we stood out from their competitors while staying true to what they already had in place. Using their new logo as a foundation, we brainstormed ideas together on how to use color and font styles without taking away from what made them who they are today. To create intrigue and draw people in, we wanted to keep all of their information on one page without it looking too crowded, and while maintaining quality and accurate information on each of their pages. When working on a design, there is always going to be back-and-forth between client and designer. What makes Mango Design Studio unique is that we get client input early in the process which allows us to finish up quickly. In fact, since our feedback loop is short, projects get completed within weeks instead of months or years! At Mango Design Studio we don’t think you should have to pay more if you don’t need it.

To create an effective branding campaign, you need to understand who your customer is. Who are they? What do they like to do in their spare time? Understanding these facets of your customers will help you build their trust and establish your brand effectively. The best way to get to know them? Ask questions! To dig even deeper, it might be worthwhile considering hosting focus groups or conducting surveys. Your business’s identity should encompass more than just its logo; what kind of language should you use on your website? Whom should you feature as spokespeople for your company? All of these decisions can easily take months to deliberate—and that’s fine! Take some time to mull over all aspects of what makes up your business identity before committing to anything long-term.

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